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Frequently Asked Questions

 1.  I require a specific design that I know no-one else will have on the night, can you do this?


Answer: If you would like one of our ‘Off the Shelf’ designs altered in a different colour, then we can usually do that, email us via the 'Contact' page with the details of what you have in mind.

If you want something completely unique then Mystic Magic offers a 'Bespoke Design' page.


 2.   Are your masks suitable for people that wear glasses?


Answer: Mystic Magic offers a range of masks on sticks for ladies that can be found throughout the website.

For men we are currently working on a range of stick masks - please request for further details.


 3.   What is your return policy?


Answer: Please see our 'Terms and Conditions' page for more details.

 4.  Can I collect from your premises?


Answer: Mystic Magic is solely Internet based business and is not available to personal callers.


 5.  How do I receive confirmation that my order has gone through?


Answer: Mystic Magic will email you to confirm your order along with a payment confirmation from PayPal. If no confirmation is received please check your spam folder or contact us via the 'Contact' page.



 6.  I'm planning a photo shoot, Are your designs availble to hire?


Answer: Yes, if you’re a photographer, videographer, stylist, model or even a magazine publication planning a creative photo shoot we allow up to 4 designs to be hired out at a time for a minimum charge of £30 upwards depending on the items chosen. To find out more please viist our 'Design Hire' page.


*If you’re a customer looking to hire a mask or headpiece just for a party/special event, we sadly don't have services available for this type of hiring.* 



 7.  How does your international shipping work and how much does it cost?


Answer: Our international shipping is calculated upon weight and size of box. This means if you order a normal sized mask that fits comfortably into a small box, this will be cheaper compared to one of our elaborate headwear designs which would need to be packed into a larger box. 


For every international order whether it's being sent to Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Asia or anywhere else, we like to use a trusted courier service that guarantees upon collection your order will be with you in reasonable time of 3-5 days. To find out more about International shipping including how much it costs, please visit our 'Delivery' page.



For any other questions unanswered, please write to us via the contact page or directly to
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