Something New

It's a fresh year thats sure to be full of surprises and i've found myself trying something new.

Yeah it’s a little different from what I’m all about but yet I do like to broaden my skills, after all who knows when it may come in handy right?!

I find if I dabble from time to time with new forms of crafts it helps to keep my crafty spirit alive and excited within me like when I was as a child imagining a world of things from a simple piece of paper.

Ironically I’ve returned back to paper over the festive period and made a rather unique selection of paper craft cards, all hand cut in tiny intricate detail using only a sharp blade.

Each card truly is a work of love made with time and great care for the individual that they was meant for and so whether they’re kept or thrown away, to me all of them was worth my while to do if only to bring a smile to a few faces.

Happy New Year xx